ADHD - understand it, tame it, use it

I believe by now most of us realise that many rich entrepreneurs, famous musicians, artists etc., and even outstanding Olympians such as Michael Phelps have the condition known as ADHD. Play the video above to see a few of the officially diagnosed famous people. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder affects a small percentage of the World's population but as these great people have proved, it need not be a handicap.

  1. Understand it - Gather as much information on ADHD as you can manage.

  2. Tame it - Like breaking a wild horse you've got to find ways to harness this precious energy. Get in touch with an ADHD support group near you to learn from others how you might do this.

  3. Use it - What society considers 'normal' people, don't have this special energy. Once you've learned how to control it, then use it to lead a fuller life. Getting in touch with ADHD coaches may be a big step towards your goal.

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